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I could fill pages and pages with horror stories (HA!

)…then again, what single woman in her 30’s couldn’t?

I was nervous the whole night bc I had gas but was not at the stage to fart in front of him.

As we fell sound asleep we both were knocked out of our slumber by an explosive fart that woke him AND me up!!! where I'd like to go for a date and I told him we should walk to the local ice cream shop. Seconds later, to my horror, he began vomiting profusely.

Editor’s Note: Today we are featuring Renee Fisher‘s new book release: Not Another Dating Book.

I LOVE Renee’s story, and she’s been so generous to giveaway THREE copies of her new book, as well as to share with us some hysterical “terrible date” stories for today’s post. After being single for eight years you would think I could laugh in the face of Valentine’s Day. I hated that holiday more than any other, and naturally assumed all chocolate and flower companies came together to make us poor single girls feel bad.

While on the date I had waay too much to drink and I accidentally knocked over 3 glass candle holders!! I take a while to get ready on a date sometimes, while others I grab my purse and go... Then ran across a large field to pee so the guy couldn't see me. when we were quite young and attending high school. I got drunk on the journey, but sobered up to the point of tipsy when I met him. Late Saturday evening I returned to our hovel with a lovely young lady on my arm. As I was drinking water, my husband told a joke and I started to laugh a when huge gulp of water went down the wrong pipe and I started to choke. I couldn't speak and everyone jumped up in a panic. On reflection I think we should have stayed in the pub but inexperience told me to stick with the plan. dinner, wine, (lots of really good wine), and dancing. not the kind of place my ex-hubs had ever taken me. If you are late for a date with fungirl and you don’t call I will wait for about 5 minutes and then I call my boys and we will go out playing and make fun of your a$$ all night...

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) When I wrote Not Another Dating Book as the answer to my single woes, I felt it was a mantra to all things singles struggle with. This Valentine’s Day, no matter which side of the fence you find yourself, let’s choose to laugh and here are some quotes to help you do just that! ” I replied that I was hoping to have a career after college, and he shrugged, stood up, and left.Or for that matter, what single man in HIS 30’s couldn’t?This whole dating thing, of spending awkward periods of time over dinner or coffee making small talk with a complete stranger and hoping a spark lights (or sometimes hoping a fire burns the place down so you can escape as quickly as possible) is an odd ritual, at best.I thought it might have had something to do with the kiss, like maybe my breath was... Good thing I had on my cute Victoria's Secret booty shorts on. Lol One of my classes is online and my other ones are on campus..If I had picked up my girlfriend that evening, the fiasco at my parents’ house would never have happened. I could hardly afford to fix it, still living, at 32, on the wages of a graduate student. and a girl came up to me and asked if I knew that the butt in my pants had ripped! Any ways one day I was waiting in the lobby with my friends and I thought I saw my online professor ( he posted a picture of himself and his family on our school website we send our assignments on) so I say to him... First date: my car broke down so I was 30mins late Her dad made me explain why and what my plans were for his daughter I was sooo nervousness I farted)-: and it stunk.

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