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Or does it aspire to more or fail to deliver even the basics? There is absolutely nothing wrong with a training course that has a simple premise and that seeks to only stick to that simple premise.

Courses that aim too high or that waffle along or that are just plain pretentious crap can do a lot of damage to the patience and nerves of any student member.

Here is a clip about the 150 Date Challenge: We’d like to thank e Dating Doc for their support of one of the most deviant web sites on the internet.

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The e Dating Doc makes it clear – it provides (many) tips regarding the ins and outs of what it takes for a guy to date online.Think of it as dating for guys with a beer budget mentality.And that’s cool, so long as it delivers on that premise. Is it straightforward dating tips for guys with straightforward needs?I think that after going on so many dates, I’ll never have to wonder if the grass is greener and my future relationship with be better because of it.I’ll know that special girl is for me because I’ll have a clear frame of reference. The biggest thing is something I call “taking the edge off”.

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