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Like Don, she lost her mother in childbirth; unlike Don, she's Jewish. ), she's also smart enough to turn down his offer to run away together."You don't want to run away with me; you just want to run away," she said.

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It seems likely they got together at some point in the past, but we can't know for sure so she, like the other maybe partners, is out.As with any TV show or movie, we itch to know what possesses someone to do the things he does, and we expect that writers as glorious as the ones behind "Mad Men" will eventually lead us to deep understanding of who Don Draper is and how he will evolve into a better man.In real life, such life-changing revelations don't always come. There were superficial similarities, like that they both worked in similar industries (just decades apart) and had a knack for always being "on." Guys like Don Draper are great at their jobs for a multitude of reasons, but one of them is that they present themselves as calm, collected, and unmoved by the opinions and emotions of others.(The Frisky) -- There's no question that I find Don Draper sexy. Actually, certain things do translate -- tall, dark and handsome is still tall, dark, and handsome in the real world.If I lived in "Mad Men" land for a day, I would totally make out with him on his Sterling-Cooper purchased desk. But that aloof, secretive, and calculating personality that seduces his onscreen paramours and the show's viewers? Don Draper is written as an extremely complicated and deeply flawed man who does some awful things, like cheating repeatedly on his wife, Betty, and using information he gleans from her therapist to manipulate her.

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