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This is the perfect way to ask him his preferences indirectly without giving him a single clue at what you’re trying to do.

This seemingly random 25 question quiz will help you put all the pieces together to plan a few date nights.

Learn More Life after divorce can be gratifying, but challenging.

As newly single people navigate through co-parenting, dating and remarriage, we offer resources to assist you in navigating these challenges.

Putri is a fashion student at Limkokwing who hails from an affluent family while Reza is a law student from Universiti Malaya who has to work part-time in the futsal court frequented by Putri's gang, to sustain himself and his education.

Ayu has been in a long crush on Reza since their first days as coursemates.

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Using Couple Checkup – Alpha Resource Center online relationship assessment tool – you can pinpoint your strengths as a couple and the areas where you could use a helping hand.Researchers and professionals across multiple disciplines regard P/E as one of the most effective tools in their professional toolbox.A Sneak Peek into a Golden Relationship As we approach the month of June, wedding season is upon us.It’s every girl’s dream to have a hubby who plans date nights!Some of our husbands need a little more help in the date night planning department.

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