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Initially, it was designed for social network applications and developed by Google along with My Space and a number of other social networks.More recently, it has become adopted as a general use runtime environment for allowing untrusted and partially trusted components from third parties to run in an existing web application.

These are different from our standard buttons because in order to display them we load assets (HTML, Java Script, CSS) from third parties rather than just from Add This.

This also means that we don’t have sharing endpoints, so their service codes won’t work in the If, for example, you want to put the Facebook button in the compact menu setting, or use Google in email newsletter buttons, we offer sharing endpoints for most third-party buttons.

Mobile social networking is social networking where individuals with similar interests converse and connect with one another through their mobile phone and/or tablet.

The Open Social Foundation moved to integrate or support numerous other open web technologies.

This includes OAuth and OAuth 2.0, Activity Streams, and Portable Contacts, among others. Applications implementing the Open Social APIs are interoperable with any social network system that supports them.

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