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They have even collaborated together on songs such as “Hello Brooklyn 2.0”, “Mr.

Carter”, and “Swagga Like Us”, as well as performed live together at shows such as the GRAMMYs…

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It also went to claim the #1 position on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart on the Billboard Year-End chart for 1999.As a single, "Back That Azz Up" was released, credited, and charted as the more censored "Back That Thang Up".Also the album features a bonus remix of the single "Ha" with New York rapper Jay-Z, the only guest appearance outside of Cash Money and the 1st time Ca$h Money collaborated with an east coast rapper on a song.Lil Wayne’s grievance is just one in a proverbial million for Cash Money, which has fielded numerous lawsuits from artists, producers and others over unpaid royalties and nonpayment.The litigious ethos hails back to the label’s beginnings.

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