Dating tips approaching women

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Get your copy of Nicholas Boothman’s “How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You In 90 Minutes” It takes a lot of guts to approach a stranger and start talking. If you’re in the gardening section you might casually ask a question like, “Do you know anything about indoor plants?

But, there are times when it’s act now or never see the person again, or when the strength of your feelings overwhelms you and compels you to act. Take a deep breath and adopt a great attitude: curious, enthusiastic and calm all are good, just pick the one that comes most easily to you. Use a prop, like a book, to direct attention away from yourself. ” Or if in another section, you might solicit some advice, “What do you buy for the chef/handyman/cyclist/ballroom dancer who has everything?

First, take on a confident body language and ensure you have a command presence when you make your initial approach.

Keep your head up, relax your shoulders, hold your drink to the side (not in front of you like most guys do) and walk slowly. This is a very important aspect of learning how to approach women. The only way to learn is to practice, make mistakes, analyze, and repeat.

In a Book Store While in theory, meeting someone while browsing the shelves of your local bookstore sound fantastic. You might say, “My office is next door, I come in here two or three times a week.” 4. Be on the look out for opportunities to say, “Me too” (or “what a coincidence,” “funny you should say that,” etc.). In meeting people there’s no such thing as rejection — there’s only selection. If you feel a connection, escalate the intensity by subtly mirroring the person’s overall body position and voice (tone, speed and volume). If you are still chatting after two minutes and you’re interested in the person, ask for a phone number or email address.

I promise you this, approaching girls is not nearly as hard as it seems when you’re able to calm your nervousness, and have a good game play on what to say to a girl.

If it’s an unmistakable “no,” then say politely, “It was nice chatting with you,” and go about your business.

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This is because the more you are out there trying, the more confident you will become, and the more likely you will be talk to a girl that you “click” with. Download the Free 27 Page Small Talk Tactics Report The “normal” way most guy’s approach a girl is to walk up to her, nervously compliment her, and then ask her for her number. A basic example of this is “Do you know where the nearest Starbucks is?

You don’t get dates sitting at home thinking about it. ” Guys like to do it this way because it allows you to go in “under the radar.” The reasoning behind this is that by going in “under the radar” the girl will not quickly reject you.

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