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“When they leave me, it’s usually for The One,” my lover, Charles, said.I was gushing about the new man in my life, and Charles was adjusting admirably to the news. That’s the deal for a man in a polyamorous, open marriage who dates multiple partners.It came as no surprise to me, either, that I met The One while I was involved with Charles.Despite the doom-mongering from friends and family about dating a married man, I knew I was more open to falling in love than I had ever been. The reason this happens is because the odds of you being physically intimate in an open relationship are pretty high and intimacy leads to emotions.It’s just hard not to gain feelings for someone when you’re letting them into a really private part of your life.Not only was it a personal relief to date people who didn't have expectations of me emotionally, but I also learned how so many stereotypes about open relationships are just plain wrong.Here are five myths about open relationships we need to stop repeating.

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She's not a "cheater." She didn't decide to enter an open relationship because she is fundamentally immoral, a moustache-twirling cartoon villain, or anyone else who is generally careless with the feelings of others. She's opinionated, and don't mistake her for confused.

A man who knows I’m his Number One (and Only) Girl.

But it took spending time as someone’s Number Two Girl — dating a man who made no secret of already having a fiancé — for me to better understand and accept the kind of relationship I really needed.

You will be attracted to people outside your relationship Having an open relationship has never been my goal, but I’m not going to bury my head in romantic sand.

The truth is that staying monogamous is a challenge.

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