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Red is the color of fire, blue of the air, green of the water, and of the earth grey and ash.” Of course, later theorists including Leonardo De Vinci and Issac Newton proved that the three primary colors are actually red, yellow and blue.

Modern color theory was developed by American artist and teacher Albert Munsell in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century.

White background is recommended for the sites that offer much to read on the pages. This color evokes strong emotions, and is often associated with luxurious classics and elegance.

It helps to create an atmosphere of mystery and intimacy. But if you add a few bright colors, your design will look catchy, colorful and attractive.

The importance of color theory is something that artists and designers have been aware of for a long time.

Visual impact is greatly determined by color and colors combinations, and can even lead us to have different emotional responses.

Some of the earliest principles of the theory date back to 1435 when Italian renaissance man Leone Battista Alberti wrote; “Through the mixing of colors infinite other colors are born, but there are only four true colors – as there are four elements – from which more and more other kinds of colors may be thus created.In many people’s minds the sources of sexual attraction--the vaunted 'chemistry,' the elusive ‘electricity’--are shrouded in mystery.Indeed, much remains unknown about why two people are attracted to each other.Love Colors is a fun, exciting and unique way to help you meet the love of your life and wonderful friends.Discover what your Love Colors reveal about you and your most compatible partner!

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