Dating former student after graduation Adult dating match australia

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But I'm not as concerned about social norms as most people. If they are, no problem, otherwise, absolutely not.2)The marital status of the teacher. For me, it would also depend on the teacher's age... pretty much anything else i think wouldn't be a good thing. The teacher should be smart enough to recognise that it will look like she's sexually interested in her students. Even if it is legal and meets the letter of the rules of her employment contract or the school's policy guidelines, a savvy teacher would know better. I moved away to avoid any conflicts and we just got back in touch and have been building our relationship. Its all about maturity and how well you can make it work.It depends on several factors:1)The age of the student. not because I disapprove of May-December relationships, because I don't care, but if an older teacher started dating an 18 or 19-year-old student soon after graduation, it would smack of authoritative manipulation, or the kid is/was being taken advantage of. after graduation, if the kid is 18 or older, they are now a legal adult and can screw anyone they want to. I think that if you graduated and waited atleast a year before making it official it's ok.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.However, I had some teachers who were aged 21-25, and I don't see anything wrong with someone of that age dating a high school graduate. If the teacher is 8 years older or less, I don't see a problem at all.I've heard when dating someone younger than yourself, never younger than half your age plus seven.It's hard to imagine a situation where a teacher would just happen to develop a relationship with a student after graduation. Love is love and you cant control who you have feelings for. If they had just graduated, it would be really creepy and wildly inappropriate.

"admit nor deny" that she and Sharp had a sexual relationship after graduation and ....Earn more points by voting for the best of your fellow candidates. ) candidates (plus the winning rookie) each wins a 0 scholarship.Use the money to pay for college OR to pay down your student loan!If both parties are over 18, it is not "against the law" even while the student is in school.However, it is usually against the rules of the school, and perhaps the school district, for the teachers to date their students, regardless of age, because it could easily result in charges of sexual harassment, given the uneven power of a teacher and student.

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