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It may look, sound and feel like it is, but that doesn't make it so.This is a conversation and one worth having if you want the relationship to advance.

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"Boyfriend" and "girlfriend" seem to share the same fate as the now arcane "going steady." People are still dating -- sure -- but recently, would-be couples less readily refer to one another as "boyfriend" or "girlfriend," opting instead for basic , sans label.But when we actually find someone we'd like to date seriously, that's another story. less than a month before becoming exclusive, while 28% of respondents said it took them just one to two months.According to a Google Consumer Survey conducted by Mic of 3,058 individuals in February, the most common timetable for having the "exclusive" talk in a relationship was less than four weeks. If four weeks sounds surprisingly short, it actually isn't. It's that the dating game has changed — maybe for the better.Plenty of our 21st-century dating rituals are painfully drawn out.We spend weeks using measured pickup lines on dating apps, months remaining in undefined gray areas, and some of us even put off the idea of "the one" for years in favor of casual sex.

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