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Here are some legal principles that may surface from Dr Tan's legal team and the AGC Natural meaning An election for the office of the President is reserved for a community if no person belonging to that community has held the office of President for any of the 5 most recent terms of office of the President. By popular understanding, President Wee is not regarded as an elected president by the populace ever, nor in official record until recently; 3.

Certain legal experts note in addition that it is a challenge that has the potential to derail a tight timeline for the next presidential election. Being grandfathered into the new presidency halfway through his term, President Wee does not fulfil to the fullest extent, all these requirements (while any elected president, whether elected or walkover, can); 2(a).

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It has been a week since Dr Tan broke the news that he had applied for "a clarification" from the High Court - an application which was accepted.

It is time for us to examine the principles that may guide the court when it makes that clarification for both Dr Tan and the Attorney-General's Chambers.

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