Dating a rebounder

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A survey of 1,002 undergraduate students found that those who reported rebounding were more likely to have cheated on a previous partner.

The complete profile of the average rebounder doesn't get much better, either: "Undergraduates who were 'love seekers,' 'deceptive,' unconventional' and 'hedonistic/risk takers' were significantly more likely to report having been involved in a rebound relationship." Unflattering statistics to say the least.

Unfortunately, the survey didn't examine motivations for rebounding that could provide more insight into whether cheating fuels reboundings or what.

It would also be interesting to conduct the same survey among older populations to see if that cheating-rebounding correlation would change at all.

Friends aren’t always as reliable as romantic partners, dating prospects can dry up, and the depression of heartbreak often impedes personal growth.

People told me not to get a new girlfriend until that growth was complete, but it’s never complete, is it?

If you are at all like me, your first “naked” encounter will come way before you take off your clothes.

I’m talking about that first blast of humility you get when you walk into a bar for the first time in ages.

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They are the unwritten codes of conduct that most of us understand but don’t always follow. So before you talk yourself out of it, here are a few general rules for that uncomfortable first post-divorce date. When it comes to dating, always have something to do later. You can pick which meals, but I recommend starting with just coffee. It is short and sweet and, if you hit it off, it could turn into lunch.Spend your money wisely; keep the first date short and sweet.Consequently, their emotional availability is questioned, as is their capacity to be devoted to a new partner or make good decisions in choosing one.A person on the rebound is not necessarily emotionally unavailable, however, potential new partners, as well as some rebounders themselves, seem to have a lot of anxiety about such circumstances.

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