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So what are the signs that this chick has zero chill? Or did she just chip away at your self-worth until you felt compelled to make her happy by becoming a completely different person? A sure sign of a crazy chick is an inability to make female friends. Here are some red flags if you make her your plus one. Maybe these signs are deal-breakers, or maybe you can work with them. But if you feel nothing but bad vibes coming from your new lady love, perhaps it’s time to move on.

If you’re no longer “allowed” to listen to your favorite music or wear your old clothes — get out! Other women aren’t blinded by the prospect of hooking up with her, and they can smell crazy faster than you can blink.

Purposefully making your man jealous is child’s play.

You’ve gone crazy to such a degree that you’re entirely invested in awakening his inner green-eyed monster.

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Your heart flutters when that hotline blings and your hand seems out of place when it’s not in his. Still, that doesn’t stop you from putting on an Academy Award-winning dramatic scene.I like being close to my girlfriends and all, but we’d only been dating for a week! Over the course of three years, I’d tried to break up with her more than 20 times, but each time would elicit a ridiculous reaction. Here are 15 signs that your girlfriend isn’t playing with a full deck! One surefire way to tell if your girl is packing that crazy sparkle in her eye is to monitor her textual behavior.I decided to take a step back, and when I wouldn’t respond to her texts, she actually sent two of her male friends to my house to kick my ass. The first time, she slapped me in the face and said she refused to break up. Does she blow up your phone 24/7 with texts, e-mails, photo tags, calls, and voicemails? If she refuses, block her number and look the other way! Do you get calls from a random number in the middle of the night? When you switch your phone back on, you have a roll of increasingly hysterical text messages and phone calls demanding to know where you are.

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