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This week, a lesbian college basketball coach who controls the athletic fates of her LSU players has been discovered to be sexually exploiting them ... And other sources suggest that "the former players" weren't so former when the relationships began.and the NYT is now concerned that this might hurt the career prospects of other lesbian coaches. By JERÉ LONGMANCaption: Some coaches, administrators and academics say they fear that the accusations against Chatman, right, will inflame homophobia. LSU refuses to state that the relationships didn't begin with current players, so it's reasonable to assume the worst.Chatman has since found work in the WNBA, which we can all agree is punishment enough.In early November of 2011, allegations of sex abuse by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky came to light.Sherri Murrell is the head coach of Portland State University.

Boyette, the first Longhorn to score 1,000 points, grab 1,000 rebounds, and block 200 shots, joins a Sky team that qualified for the playoffs after finishing second on the Eastern Conference, but lost in the second round.

In the wake of the Penn State scandal (see below), which has dominated the headlines, the question has been asked, “Is it the biggest scandal in college sports history? Tom Mutch abandoned his post as head coach of the BC women’s hockey team in April of 2007 after it became public that he had been carrying on a relationship with Kelli Stack, a freshman player on the team.

Only time will tell, but take a look at how the unfolding sensation stacks up with other college-sports sex scandals.

Certainly with more than 350 teams there is more than one lesbian coach. I sat down and spoke with Sherri Murrell about why that is, especially since she has received no negative repercussions since deciding to be open about her sexual orientation.

Prior to coaching at Portland State (PSU) Sherri Murrell coached at George Fox University and at Washington State University.

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