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They also recommend testing for anyone who has injected drugs — a group swelling as we speak with young people and other victims of the current opioid epidemic — and anyone who had a blood transfusion before 1992. Much of the press on the new drugs has focused on how expensive they are, and on questions about insurance coverage.

Hepatitis C treatment is covered by Medicare, though, and by 95 percent of commercial insurers.

The good news: Because I live in Baltimore, I became a patient at the Hopkins Infectious Disease group, where new and radically more effective drugs for Hepatitis C were being studied and prescribed. I took a precursor of the current generation of drugs, but as part of the protocol I also had to take the Interferon and Ribavirin as backup, for a year, no matter what. The treatment is 8-12 weeks long, and few people report side effects.

Because there is a widely available and efficacious cure, and because baby boomers are six times more likely to be infected than other adults, the CDC recommends that everyone born between 19 be tested for HCV.

What’s clear from men’s and women’s evenly divided, diametrically opposing views is the existence of a dating war both sides are losing. How to write a perfect profile, how to choose appropriate men, 5 critical questions to ask a first date to determine the viability of a second, how a basic emotional vocabulary helps resolve dating problems, why trust and vulnerability begin on a first date, and why typecasting dates is a major mistake.

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