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They seek to maintain a Jewish, often largely Pharisaic/rabbinic religious structure devoted to continuing obedience to the Mosaic Law.Today there are 250,000 Messianics in America and up to 15,000 in Israel (which include many Gentile proselytes).This evaluation of twelve potentially significant historical resources in the City of Scotts Valley was carried out by the staff of Archaeological Resource Management during the months of October 1989 through January 1990.The purpose of the study is to provide the City with specific information to identify which buildings and/or properties may be historically significant.The ordinance also established the Cultural Resource Preservation Commission whose function is to establish criteria, review, and comment on historical significance on all activity within the City.One of the duties of the Commission is to maintain a local register of historic properties.A list of potentially historic properties was compiled by the Commission from recommendations submitted by the Scotts Valley Historical Society.

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Despite early interest in the property, the long-term plan to acquire the land only started to look like a realistic possibility in 1999, when the Damon Estate offered the property for sale.

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Ted Pike 24 August 2010 gives me greater joy than a Jew finding salvation in Jesus and becoming part of His spiritual body, the Church. Paul labored to preserve the infant church from absorption into Old Testament legalism, so a similar warning must be sounded today.

Evangelical churches are rapidly incorporating Jewish holidays and other philo-Judaic elements into Christian worship. Messianic Judaism is the belief of many converted Jews that Jesus is properly worshipped in the context in which He was born.

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