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If you already know what channel you want to join, chatting is just a quick click away. Bookmarking: If you wish to bookmark a page to access Dark Myst's webchat, please bookmark this one and not the pages presented to you after you click "Login". Darkmyst is home to a variety of communities, but here are a few hotspots that may be of interest to you: #rpg-hub Darkmyst's official cross-game OOC roleplaying channel.

#darkmyst The main network channel for casual conversation with no set topic. Contents copyright © the Dark Myst IRC Network, 2015.

Channels by popularity A list of public channels sorted by activity.

Another year older, another year of sharing information, characters, stories, ideas, and encouragement.

Thank you so much for being here with me and supporting me as we explore this writing thing we like to do.

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