Amy and minwoo dating sac liquidating

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Recently, Lee Min Woo released his 4th solo album ' M-Rizing'.He is now having promotional activties with the main track song in his album ' Don't Trust Men'. Shinhwa member Lee Min Woo has admitted that he is dating Amy and expressed, “We are now in the phase of getting to know each other.” Speaking through his manager, Min Woo expressed, “It's a bit early to say we are lovers now.But it's real that we have an affection for each other and have met up quite often.Shinhwa means Friendship, Longevity, Together Forever no matter what.Lee Min Woo and Amy began to develop feelings for each other after getting to know the other party via KBS2TV's variety show Happy Sunday's segment, ' Kko Kko Single', where they were an onscreen couple.

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Hence, talks about them being a real couple surfaced.According to reports from the Korea Newspapers, Lee Min Wook said through his manager that ' It is still a tad early if i were to say that we are lovers now, but it is a fact that both parties feel for each other and we do meet up frequently.We are still slowly getting to know each other better, I hope that everyone will wait patiently for the good news'.Concerning the ardent love theory, member of SHINHWA, M made a formal statement.Meeting reporters at a Tokyo restaurant on the 18th, Minu said "I am able to sing songs, because the love of fans enables me to rise to stage.

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