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Construction worker Oreste and young fiancee Adelaide meet Nello, cook in a pizzeria. See full summary » An average couple with a son is obsessed to be in vogue with their times cutting the bridges with the old-style relationships.Unfortunately, the wife falls truly in love with a friend, and after this the husband realizes not to be ready for such a "free" menage."Amore mio aiutami" is a comedy, yes, but it's rather a grotesque-comedy kind of movie. Sinto o seu corpo sob o meu, e Assim por ti estar sendo amado. Que um dia em nossas vidas vou lhe encontrar, Com meu carinho e meu amor poder dizer, Que eu nasci para lhe amar e ser amado por você!He agrees to shoot the film but he also has another secret plan. Demetris is a highly independent man, living a normal life. We see several couples and their relation with sex in parallel stories that come together in a hilarious way as the film progresses.

Sometimes she's dubbed but in this she maintains her original voice: hoarse, plaintive and boring, conferring an hilarious, additional accentuation to the whole film.

The Star, obviously, is the “macchinetta”, the vending machine.

The “macchinetta” is the meeting place and a must date for millions of Italians that daily use it for breaking the course of a working day, to recharge the batteries or more simply to have a chat or a smile during the coffee-break.

Thought it lasts two hours, it never annoys with empty scenes or holes in the script, and it's also impossible to summarize even the best scenes because it's a permanent mix between situation comedy and jealousy drama.

Even the meaning hidden in the film about the techniques to keep a wife need to be got in a comic way, consider it's a satire too, with its funny lining and its sagacious content.

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