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Whatever happened to the characters ten years after the show premiered, it’s probably better left to our imaginations.

Still, that doesn’t mean we don’t desperately want to revisit the world of reunion most every year—but those events are more like homecoming, where whatever cast members who happen to be in town stop by for some good times. ) is a regular of the event, as is Katherine Willis (Jason Street’s mom).

Jordan, of course, was the star of both the critical and commercial success .

The rest of the cast tends to work more sporadically.

She was born on October 10, 1989, in Downey, California, United States, and her birth name was Aimee Richelle Teegarden.Previous years have seen most of the principle cast stop by, though never all in the same year.(Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler surprised fans in 2013; Taylor Kitsch showed up the year after.) If the festival is making a big deal of a ten-year reunion this far in advance, one has to assume that it’s not just because Billy Riggins and Becky are gonna be dropping in. ) The details of this reunion are scarce so far—there’ll be a pep rally and meetup at the Panther Field set from the show, which will include live music, tailgating, and photo ops, but who you’ll be posing with in those photos is as yet unspecified.Some of her hits are Friday Night Lights, CSI: Maimi, Prom, Starin, TRings and much more.She has also modeled for many campaigns including Hollister, Alltel, YMI Jeans, Old Navy and Tommy Hilfiger.

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