Accommodating dyslexia in the workplace

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You could simply indicate "interested in volunteering at dyslexia-related education nonprofits." Dyslexia can then become a topic of conversation and you can get a sense of how the employer reacts to the idea.It might be that your employer tells you that they are enthusiastic about supporting people with disabilities or even that the hiring manager him or herself is dyslexic!

Keep in mind that it is your right to have an accommodation, but you may not want to take that risk yet.

A good way to ferret out this information is to place an item on your resume that mentions dyslexia but does not indicate that you are dyslexic, per se.

For example you might mention that you volunteer with a dyslexia organization, such as Headstrong Nation or Eye to Eye, providing you do volunteer of course.

However, there are situations and jobs where these may not be sufficiently effective to ensure adequate performance.

Avoiding stress: People with dyslexia can be particularly prone to stress, and struggling to cope in the workplace can often lead to stress related illness. It is important to choose a type of work which you would enjoy, would be good at and would be likely to play more to your strengths than your weaknesses.

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