Accommodating cabins

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Moosehead Lakeside accommodations at The Cozy Moose. Fully equipped cabins and cottages available nightly stays varying from 2 to 5 nights or weekly. Learn more and view the vacation accommodations available for rent. Be sure to read our helpful blog post on comparing Lake Vacation Rentals Enjoy our lakeside accommodations for your vacation in Greenville, ME.

Moosehead Lake Vacation Rentals – Lakeside cabins and cottages at The Cozy Moose Enjoy waterfront boat dock and sandy beach.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Gatlinburg cabins please call one of our reservations specialists at 1.800.684.7865.

The following properties are available the day before or the day after your initial search dates.

Easy lake access – walk in sandy swimming beach, gradual slope, clean clear water, great for all ages.

New England lodging with scenic mountain vistas and sunsets. Greenville Maine accommodations, just minutes from shopping and services.

However, these cabins include mini-fridges and microwave ovens. These cabins are a short distance from the park's popular trails that are among the most popular Arkansas hiking trails and retreat facilities at Petit Jean State Park.

Contact us with your accommodation request for an unforgettable vacation in Maine. These 20 fully furnished cabins include all-electric kitchens, cooking utensils, tableware, bed and bath linens, and wood-burning fireplaces. There are also five modern duplex designs (totaling 10 rental units with kitchens).This business was administered by an individual managing director: Darren James Turner who was guiding it from 2004-06-03 to dissolution date on 2015-08-25.We have the largest variety of cabins in the immediate Flagstaff area.

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