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Since 2002, Uni of Ballarat/Fed Uni Live Production students have been producing live original music, comedy and theatre at both the Arts Academy’s Theatre and performance spaces on Lydiard St.

Courthouse Theatre, SMB, Lydiard St (Sth) AND HMST THeatre, Camp St Campus, Lydiard St (Nth) The students document the performances in front of live audiences for DVD and Live Internet Streaming & Archiving.

Therefore, in order to help anyone out there who is going through a rough patch, we decided to share some tips on how to move forward and stop looking back at your mistakes. We need to experience the sadness in order to be happy again.

One of the greatest comedians of our time, Louis CK, once said: “You need to stand in the way of sadness and let it hit you like a truck. Running away from your feelings won’t help you move on, quite the contrary actually.

Or you can join or social network at: Social where you can meet hundreds or Christians both single and for social meetups etc For Hispanic Christians…She opened her mouth and eyes pretty wide and let her jaw drop sideways, and managed to look so like a dyspeptic calf that I recognized the symptoms immediately.“Oh, that’s all right,” I said. And He wanted me to trust Him enough to bring that special man to me in His perfect time.” ― Leslie Ludy, “A woman never thoroughly cares for herlover until he has ceased to care for her; and it is not until you havesnapped your fingers in Fortune's face and turned on your heel that shebegins to smile upon you.” ― Jerome K.Jerome, “When a gentleman spends quite some time telling me in detail about his father's courtship of his mother, I have to assume there is some moral for me in the tale. I didn't propose marriage or say I was madly in love with her, and she didn't swoon.She had begun as he had, with good looks and an excitable temperament, and the rest was the result of accessible popular novels and dressing-room conversation culled from a slightly older set.Isabelle had walked with an artificial gait at nine and a half, and when her eyes, wide and starry, proclaimed the ingenue most. He waited for the mask to drop off, but at the same time he did not question her right to wear it.

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